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Global Market
Pivotol Trends in the Changing Tax Landscape
By: Kate Barton, Americas Vice Chair, Tax Services, EY

Digitization, regulation and globalization have upended nearly every facet of how companies do business; and tax departments fall right in the middle of where all these trends intersect. Toward the end of the 20th century, tax departments had a narrow focus on compliance, planning and returning dollars to shareholders. But those days are long gone as new responsibilities — such as risk mitigation, cost management and aligning tax and business planning — pile up on old ones.

Shire May Be Next Allergan in Inversion Pursuit
By: Bloomberg BNA

Shire has become an attractive inversion partner for a US based company after it agreed to buy Baxalta Inc. for $32 billion. Shire isn't new to pursuing inversions; the Dublin-based company tried, and failed, to merge with AbbVie Inc. in 2014.

Coach's Corner - BREAKING NEWS: Tax Professionals are stressed during the busiest season of the year!!
By: Beccah Bizon

Okay so maybe this isn’t breaking news, but how many of you find that stress is unavoidable during the busy season? Stress impedes success and prevents you from being your most productive self. You don’t think clearly and you behave differently, which could have a negative impact on those around you. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this.

Will 2016 Be the Year of Gift Tax Cases?
By: Bloomberg BNA

A number of estate tax cases could be decided in 2016, addressing what constitutes a “gift” for tax purposes and assessing the way the IRS contests the transfer of non-voting stock to a grantor trust. Currently at the U.S. Tax Court, the estate of a Minnesota supermarket chain founder is contesting more than $4 million in deficiencies and penalties (Estate of Levine v. Commissioner).

Don’t Tax Your Brain!
By: Eve Abrams, TaxTalent Mentor Program Director

This past December, TaxTalent's Mentor Program Director, Eve Abrams, hosted a lunch and learn on “Brain Health” for all of the TaxSearch, TaxTalent, Tax Bridge Staffing and TaxJobs employees. Find out what we learned to keep our brains healthy (videos included).

2016 State Tax Amnesty Programs
By: Leverage SALT LLC

The Council on State Taxation (COST) has released a chart reflecting state tax amnesty programs scheduled to occur in 2016. You may be asking yourself if amnesty is the way forward or if your company should participate in your state's amnesty program. When making these decisions, there's one key thing to remember.