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And the winner is...Read the "2016 Top in Tax Educational Survey" Results to Find Out!
By: TaxTalent

The Top in Tax Survey is a one-of-a-kind data source for employers to publicly disclose which schools and programs they feel offer the best value for students looking to enter and succeed in the tax profession. Our rankings include Tax Undergraduate, Graduate and Legal programs.

The Taxation of Virtual Economies
By: Yale Journal of Law & Technology

Taxation of transactions involving virtual goods may have been laughable at the outset of virtual reality, but the idea now bears serious consideration due to the growth of online video games into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Year-End Tax Guide
By: Grant Thornton

You want to plan your taxes effectively, but the process doesn’t have to be painful. The Year-End Tax Guide explains what you need to know clearly and answers common tax questions. The guide is formatted for ease of use, presenting information through easy-to-understand charts, tips, examples and case studies.

Could We Get the Tax Code Down to Three Pages?
By: TaxVox

The Tax Code is too big, too complicated, and too laden with provisions to help special interests, but in today’s world, cutting the statute to a few pages could result in ceding massive new authority to the Treasury Department and the IRS.

Coach's Corner: It's that time of year - Budgeting, ARE YOU READY?
By: Stephanie Gilmartin

You have two choices when it comes to budgeting, you can dread it and put it off or you can manage the budget process. 2016 and beyond is going to bring quite a few pressures and realities in many different tax areas. Read the full article to find out how to anticipate these changes and how they will affect your budget.

Tax Department Budget Development
By: TaxTalent

Is your tax department preparing and developing its annual budget using best-in-class strategies? In this podcast, Tony Santiago interviews Jane Adam, SVP Global Tax & Enterprise Risk Management at Brown-Forman on some tangible strategies to better align the tax budget development process with the goals of the organization.