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Don't miss our two new studies, "Tax Profession Demographics by Company Industry" and "The Supply and Demand Imbalance of U.S. Corporate In-House Tax Professionals"!

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Tax Profession Demographics by Company and Industry
By: TaxTalent

We recently conducted a tax demographic analysis by industry and company within our proprietary database of over 100,000 tax professionals. We focused on two groups of tax professionals: Tax Department Leaders (Tier 1) and Senior Tax Managers and above who do not lead a tax department (Tier 2).

The Supply and Demand Imbalance of U.S. Corporate In-House Tax Professionals
By: TaxTalent

Based on feedback from our clients, U.S. corporate in-house tax departments are finding it difficult to staff for senior staff to senior manager level positions. From a big-picture perspective, we have seen these types of imbalances over the last thirty years where there is a high demand for tax professionals with a very limited supply of candidates. There are four major factors that lead to these imbalances in the tax profession.

Global Transfer Pricing Conference
By: Baker & McKenzie/Bloomberg BNA

Join Baker & McKenzie and Bloomberg BNA for their annual Global Transfer Pricing Conference Series June 8-9 2016. The conference offers thought leadership and analysis in the area of transfer pricing.

Tax News & Views
By: Deloitte

In this issue, Deloitte covers the following topics: Finance Committee's tax reform options, revamping depreciation rules, tax-rate equivalency for passthroughs proposal from the House tax writer, Ways and Means committee OKs bill on taxpayer ID theft.

Talent and Tax
By: Diane Dossen, Chief Tax Officer at Ford Motor Company

EY's latest issue in their "Tax Insights for Business Leaders" focuses on talent management in tax. This report covers how to find the right talent for your tax department, bridging the generational gap, training and developing your current tax employees and transforming tax education.

International Tax News
By: PwC

It can be tedious trying to keep up with the latest tax developments for tax pros in multinational companies. PwC's International Tax News compiles the latest tax developments and updates worldwide.