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This month's TaxCareerDigest includes several major publications, including our 2015 Global Tax Market Assessment. This annual report addresses critical areas affecting corporate tax departments and is a must-read for tax leadership.

2015 Global Tax Market Assessment
By: TaxTalent

The 2015 Global Tax Market Assessment covers a wide range of predictive insights for the tax profession and a review of the previous year's speculative accuracy. The annual resource is published in partnership with U.S. based TaxSearch, Inc,, and British based BPA.

KPMG Spotlights Six Key Business Tax Issues For 2015

“Politics, an evolving economic outlook, and a heightened focus on tax transparency could add incredible uncertainty to the tax landscape in 2015, which will make effective planning very challenging,” said Jeffrey C. LeSage, Vice Chairman – Tax for KPMG LLP. “To provide the best value for their companies, leaders will need to stay informed and carefully consider a range of tax scenarios when making near- and longer-term decisions.”

Taxand Global Survey 2015
By: Taxand

The Taxand Global Survey 2015 offers further insights into how multinationals are reacting to a period of significant change in global taxation.

Corporate Tax Technology Interview with ACT President Paul Mattiola
By: TaxTalent

Tax technology has grown leaps and bounds in recent years, and corporate tax professionals have more options than ever for automating their tax processes. Recently, Tony Santiago discussed the latest trends in corporate tax technology with Paul Mattiola, the president of the Association for Computers and Taxation (ACT).

The Outlook for Global Tax Policy in 2015
By: Ernst & Young

Identifying policy drivers, trends and their impacts as early as possible and then charting the possible trajectory through which a country may pass can be invaluable to an enterprise. It can reduce uncertainty, offer insight regarding tax risk and provide more accuracy to budgetary planning. It can reduce the incidences of dispute. And importantly, it can save unnecessary costs by helping to ensure that transactions are correctly structured. The data we have collected from EY tax policy professionals in 32 countries concerning their outlook for 2015 tax policies demonstrates just how quickly the policy mix is changing.

BEPS - Preventing Treaty Abuse: A practical perspective
By: Keith Brockman

To objectives of the OECD report are to circumvent: (i) treaty limitations; and (ii) provisions of domestic law using treaty benefits. This article explores some practical considerations that form pillars of fairness, simplicity and transparency, while balancing deliverables addressing double taxation and double non-taxation.