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Year-end close is upon us once again, along with numerous global tax policy changes that are being discussed for 2015. This month's TaxCareerDigest provides updates on the shifting global tax climate as well as information you can use to plan out your own tax career for the year ahead.

Year-End Tax Career Planning: An Interview with Paul Iannone
By: Tony Santiago, Paul Iannone

In this exclusive podcast, Tony Santiago interviews tax professional and author Paul N. Iannone about effective strategies for end-of-year tax career planning. The end of the year is a great opportunity to evaluate your tax career and goals for the next year, but it is important to take a structured approach to self-evaluation.

Paying Taxes 2015
By: PwC

Paying Taxes 2015 remains a unique study. It is the only piece of research which measures the ease of paying taxes across 189 economies by assessing the time required for a case study company to: prepare, file and pay its taxes, the number of taxes that it has to pay, the method of that payment and the total tax liability as a percentage of its commercial profits. The results illustrate both successful tax reforms and reform challenges as well as providing a platform for government and business to engage in constructive discussion around tax reform across a broader range of issues.

The Changing World of Reporting
By: Gerri Chanel

With the G20 endorsing the OECD’s Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, the push is now under way to establish country-by-country reporting.

A Checklist for Year-End Tax Career Evaluation
By: TaxTalent

This checklist is designed you focus on year-end evaluation by organizing your goals for the new into three easy steps; the evaluation stage, the action plan, and future development. Answer each question in order to see where you fall on creating and accomplishing goals for the New Year.

The 5 Biggest Concerns of CFOs Today

Strategic planning, budgeting, compliance with domestic regulations, profitability analysis and cash forecasting are the five most pressing concerns of CFOs and finance executives, according to a new survey.

Nexus: It’s all about Physical Presence. Or is it?
By: Michael J. Flemming

Nexus is not static; states are constantly pushing the nexus envelope trying to increase their tax base. So even if you are a nexus expert (a Nexpert?), nexus is a topic that requires continuous monitoring and updating of knowledge. The following discussion is intended to provide a glimpse into some of the basics of nexus and the role of physical presence.