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We're officially at mid-year 2015 - It's time to review annual goals, and project what it will take to finish the year strong, as well as improving soft skills which are in critical demand.

How to Keep Your Career Goals on Track
By: TaxTalent

Being mid-year, we are talking a lot about career goals and making sure you have your Mid-Year check and not just waiting until the end of the year to say “oh I was way off” or even “I hit those goals ages ago”. No matter where we are on that spectrum or even if we are on target it’s important to keep checking on these goals as we all know how quickly things can change and how easily it is to get side tracked. One thing I have been taught throughout my career and I think is very important and helpful is to apply the “S.M.A.R.T” logic. This article goes into some more detail of how you should use S.M.A.R.T to help with your goals.

PwC's quarterly tax accounting webcast - July 7, 2015

PwC invites you to join a panel of our Tax Accounting Services (TAS) specialists for a discussion of relevant tax accounting matters including an update on accounting method changes, timely tax law developments, and activity by the standard setters.

Finance and Accounting Skills Gap Vexes CFOs

This CFO Survey revealed the ease in finding good accountants, compared to the challenge of finding those who will to fill manager roles in three to five years. This is largely due to gaps between the competencies that organizations need to succeed and those that entry-level management accounting and finance professionals possess. Two of the three biggest gaps are for non-technical skills: leadership and strategic thinking/execution. Three more non-technical ones are within the top ten widest gaps: change management, process improvement, and business acumen (see chart).

The U.S. Is Right To Worry About The OECD's BEPS Project
By: Forbes

A high corporate tax country like the U.S. whose current and future economic standing rests upon its status as a hotbed of innovation is very likely to lose out under the international order that the BEPS project appears to be striving for.

Why Is Multi-State Tax Compliance So Hard?
By: Forbes

For ordinary CPAs and other tax service providers serving businesses with revenues in the $100,000 – $20,000,000 (More or less) range SALT is mainly a source of aggravation. Frankly if you have good software throwing another state into the income tax package is not that big a deal, but there are often nuances that can be missed, particularly in the northeast where some of the states are a little peculiar.